Biological Toxins Waste Disposal

Biological toxins

Container for disposal or treatment

Container for disposal or treatment

Where to place for pickup

Who picks up the waste

Place in a suitable container for treatment    Liquid waste: Treat with 10% (1:9 v/v) bleach for at least 30 minutes or other proven effective inactivating agent If the toxin is in a hazardous chemical mixture, put in hazardous chemical waste container after treatment with inactivating agent — no longer a biological toxin hazard.

See Chemical Waste Guidelines

Solid waste containing low molecular weight toxin: Place waste in a yellow bag for incineration Next to regular lab trash container Call (612) 625-6481 for yellow bag & yellow barrel delivery & pickup
Solid waste containing proteinaceous toxin: Autoclave waste at 121°C for 60 minutes or place in a red biohazard bag Place autoclaved bag in regular waste container or Facilities Management (FM)
Place red bag next to regular lab trash container Facilities Management (FM)