Note: Your training may already be assigned to you in the Occupational Health Portal.  

Types of Training


Bloodborne Pathogens Annual OSHA Requirement is required annually (once a year) if your job may expose you to bloodborne pathogens and you are required to fulfill the federal OSHA requirement.

Bloodborne Pathogens Building Access Only is for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who need Bloodborne Pathogens training for building access, but will not engage in work or class work where exposure might occur, must take this course one time before gaining building access.

Respiratory Protection Training is required for anyone who uses a respirator at work.

Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP) Training is required for persons who work with or around research animals.

Visit the UHS Training webpage to signup for training.

Information about Biosafety Training

How to Register for Occupational Health Training  

If you have a University of Minnesota Internet ID

  • Visit the UHS Training webpage to search for the appropriate training depending on your role at the University. Then, click the course link to take you to the Training Hub. 

If you do not have a University of Minnesota Internet ID

(Guest Researcher or Volunteer)

One hour after creating guest account:

  • Login to Training Hub
  • Select Course Catalog
  • Type [training name/partial name] in Keyword text box
  • Click Find Courses
  • Select the appropriate course from populated list
  • Click +Enroll in Course (green button). You will receive an email with a link to the course.